August 2022

Letter To The Members

“Sweetie Pie,” the downstairs cat, must be longing for cold weather to return so that I will be wearing long pants. Now, when I am sitting on the chesterfield watching TV, she sits at my feet gazing up at me imploring me to cover my legs so she can jump up and snuggle down on my lap for a nap. I know this to be true because once or twice I have put a blanket over my legs and she promptly jumps up and burrows down, after performing her ritual of circling one and a half times around my lap in order to get in the most comfortable position.

Riddle: Why do cows have bells?

The other day, while I was changing the water in my bird bath, my neighbour commented that the birds certainly enjoy the water. It turns out that he frequently sits on his covered porch and watches the antics of the birds. I know that the bath is being used because there is always feathers and grains of dirt in the water. Also, if the cat is on her perch on the cat tree, she immediately jumps down, not understanding what the birds are doing on her territory.

Here is a helpful tip from the weather network. If you park your car in the sun the steering wheel will be really hot to touch when you begin to drive away. However, if you turn your steering wheel so that the upper part, (where you place your hands when driving) is on the underside it will not be in the direct sun. When you go to drive your car, returning the steering wheel to its original position, it will not be so hot.

Have you noticed that sunrise is getting later each day while sundown is getting earlier? No further comment is necessary!

Answer to the riddle; why do cows have bells? Because their horns don’t work.

I was chatting with Lola (Syme Board Secretary) and we were surprised to learn we had a shared experience.  Commonalities amongst friends are not unfamiliar but both of us felt that this experience was ours alone and no one else had ever had this happen to them! It occurred very early in our respective work lives. At the time Lola was working in a private business office and I was working in a government office. We both wore slacks and a sweater to work. We were both asked by our supervisors if our outfits had been purchased together; as a pant suit.  The items had not; they were co-ordinates. We were both told to go home and change and return to work. This happened to Lola in 1962 and to me in 1971.

Although I have signed up for 2 exercise classes, I haven’t attended one yet. Euchre and Scrabble and the various educational sessions are keeping me mentally stimulated. Speaking of which, how many words did you get correct from ‘Doorbell’ in the summer issue of ‘A Syme of the Tymes’? I only had 32 out of a possible 57 words. Have you tried ’Wordle’ yet, or ‘Jumble’ in the Toronto Star? They can both be challenging.

Our food bank is continuing at Syme55+ Centre on Wednesday afternoon. If you need help or want to make a donation, please call Syme at 416-781-5173. If you just want to have a chat call Syme.

Our Fall programs start on Monday, October 3rd. Check out our web page at or watch your mail for information.


Donna Tettmar,

Past President,

Syme55+ Centre