Dear Syme members,

Well another month has passed and we are still isolating, washing our hands and social distancing.
Riddle: What animal should you never trust?
I went out for brunch the other day with some single friends who have been cooped up like me. We went mid-morning to a restaurant with a patio. It was quite wonderful. The restaurant had a roof over us, not umbrellas and there were trees between us and the road. It was so nice to get a little spiffed up. Sandra B. sent me an interesting email reminding me to use any gift cards that may be from companies that are closing. She included a list of some of those businesses. Although Alia n Tanjay is not on the list they are also closing all stores.
I am passing this information on to you as you may hold some of these gift cards:

Victoria’s Secret – 13 of the Canadian stores
Old Navy – Some of their stores in Canada closing
Banana Republic – Some of their stores in Canada closing
La Senza – 30 of their 100 stores in Canada closing
Sail – 6 of their stores (2 in ON) closing
Aldo Shoes – 40% of stores across Canada closing
Thyme Maternity – 54 stores closing
Nygard – All 169 stores closing
Moore’s Men’s Wear – Some of their stores closing
Le Chateau – All stores closing throughout 2020
Bootlegger – Some closing
Addition Elle – All 77 stores closing
Ricki’s – Some stores closing
Cleo – Some stores closing
The Gap – 130 stores closing
The Gap Kids – All stores
Children’s Place – 200 of their stores closing
Justice – All Canadian stores
Mendocino – 28 Stores across Canada closing
Bench 24 Canadian stores closing
Forever 21 – Any remaining stores
David’s Tea – 124 of 210 locations Canada-wide closing
GNC – All locations in Canada closing
People’s Jewellers – Some of their stores closing
Scholar’s Choice – 13 of 16 stores closing
Starbucks – many locations across Canada closing
Hallmark Cards – All locations closing
Bath & Body Works – 1 store, not sure where
Bed, Bath & Beyond – Any remaining stores open
Pier 1 – Any last remaining stores
Carleton Cards – All 76 stores closing
Things Engraved – All locations.

Although brick and mortar stores are closing many companies still sell their products online so check first if you do have a gift card.

On a happier note, Canadian Tire has donated 4000 face masks to Syme. Thank you very much Canadian Tire. Let us continue to support them by making purchases from them when we can. When we had our gala and were soliciting donations, Marks Work Warehouse, a Canadian Tire subsidiary, invited us to select what we wanted for our silent auction.

I am so disappointed as I saw my last on-line Stratford play the other day. It was ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. I also received notification that one of the British theatre groups was ending its free streaming. Thank goodness the San Diego Zoo and Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s animal web cams are still operating. I am still not good with jig saw puzzles though every now and then I try to do one.

Answer to the riddle: Cheetah

Did you ever imagine that we would watch hockey, baseball and basketball all on the same night? In real time, as they were being played? In the middle of summer? It was a great few days, albeit too short, as our dearly beloved Maple Leafs lost their series. However, I am fickle and will now switch my allegiance to the Canadiens, the Flames or the Canucks.

The food bank continues to operate. If you require any assistance or just want to chat, please telephone Syme at 416-766-0388. The phone is monitored daily and calls are returned.

Your Board continues to meet monthly via Zoom. Frances Nunziata, our Councillor, said in one of her emails that instructional classes offered by the City would begin in October. This is for recreation centres not senior’s centres.

This just in: The Ontario Corporations Act requires not-for-profits to hold an AGM within 15-months of the previous AGM or within 6-months of their fiscal year-end.  As of July 29, 2020, the Ontario Emergency Order ended so AGMs should be held within 90 days of this date. We are looking at options for holding our AGM and for reopening and looking at what is happening in other senior’s centres, retirement homes.

Stay safe, healthy and wash you hands. Remember: We will get through this.

Donna Tettmar, President,

Board of Directors, Syme 55+ Centre



Fall 2020 Zoom Class Schedule
These classes will run until December 18th.

Fit & Fun with Katrina @ 11:00 am


Line Dancing with Karen @ 10:00 am


Osteo Keep Fit with Julie @ 11:00 am


Flex N Stretch with Gabriela @ 10:00 am


Yoga with Sandra @ 10:00 am