Hello Fellow Syme Members,

My last letter to you was in August. In September the AGM material was distributed to every member in preparation for our AGM in October. The 2020 fall issue of “A Syme of the Tymes” was suspended. The winter issue is being prepared.

At the AGM Anne Woods, Richard Kratz, Susan Horvath and Donna Tettmar were returned to the Board and Marlene Peltz was elected. At the first Board meeting following our AGM both Susan Horvath and Donna Tettmar were re-elected to the positions of Treasurer and President respectively. For more about the AGM watch for the next newsletter.

Television has been brutal this month with it mostly being about the US election. Although I consider myself somewhat of a political junkie, even I found it a bit much and had to change the channel on occasion. I watched from when the results started to come in from morning till very late. On Friday morning I hung out my washing and missed the winning announcement. What a let down!

I have found a terrific restaurant which has been around for 46 years. About every 6 weeks I pick up a huge order and then for the next five or six nights I have a wonderful buffet of Chinese food. Each morning while I have food left, I wake up looking forward to my dinner.

Now I have my snow tires on my car. I am sorry to say winter is far from my favourite season. In fact, the best thing about this time of year is that I can wear a hat and probably not forget it when I leave. When I was driving with the snows on, I thought something was the matter with my tires. Then realization dawned and I remembered how noisy winter tires are. I am already looking forward to when they are replaced and how quiet my drive will be.

In November I sat on my porch and enjoyed the sun while I read and watched neighbours walk by with their dogs. I had my water bottle, my radio and my phone. What a wonderful surprise to be able to sit out in shorts and a sleeveless top and enjoy the sun without the fear of a bad sunburn.

I have finally found scrabble on my computer. I play against the computer and am quite proud of the fact that I win most games, but we are only at level one. This is much more satisfying than doing jigsaw puzzles on the computer.

Isn’t Christmas music wonderful? It brings back such warm feelings and fond memories. When in my car, I listen to CHFI and when I am at home, I listen to Stingray Holiday Favourites on the TV. I will return to Classical music and CBC when the season is over.

Speaking about Christmas, Sabine has produced a CD of her piano compositions. She has performed a couple of recitals at Syme. If you are interested in supporting Sabine by purchasing one of her CDs for $20.00, please phone and leave a message for her at 416-766-0388 and she will return your call. Sabine is not at Syme, only staff and the food bank volunteers are allowed to be on site on specific days.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing one another at Syme in the future. Until then, take good care of yourselves, wear your mask, wash your hands and keep your distance. If you need any assistance or want just to talk to someone, phone Syme at 416-766-0388.

Donna Tettmar,

Board President

Syme 55+ Centre


Christmas on the Go !!


Please call us at (416) 766 – 0388 to register for a meal. Spots are LIMITED. Once registered you will be given your designated time slot.





Fall 2020 Zoom Class Schedule
These classes will run until December 18th.

Fit & Fun with Katrina @ 11:00 am


Line Dancing with Karen @ 10:00 am


Osteo Keep Fit with Julie @ 11:00 am


Flex N Stretch with Gabriela @ 10:00 am


Yoga with Sandra @ 10:00 am