August – More Olympics

Hello Syme Members,

I only now realized that I have been preparing for these Olympics for the past 18 months by sitting in front of my TV for hours just as I have done for these games and will do for the Para-Olympics. I vividly remember trying some of these sports, not the running ones, when I was in school. These sports (girls’ volleyball and basketball, high jump for example) sure have changed. It was exciting to see rock climbing, which I will never try! Our Canadian team did so well, Congratulations.

Riddle: What is the fish that always comes first?

By the time we have our final bingo I will finally be up to scratch. The first time we played I used coins to mark my numbers. Pennies were okay, nickels were a bit large, dimes were perfect but I didn’t have enough so I used pieces of paper. It was hard to keep up tearing them while searching for the number. We received new sheets for our next session but mine were folded in an envelop, so the paper girlswrinkled at the creases so my markers kept sliding. By the end of the session, I realized I should have covered the free square. I am ready for our next event.

All summer long, as I have driven around, I have been watching for an ice cream truck. I have seen none. There is one that comes to my neighbourhood at 8:50 PM and it is parked down the street. Needless to say, I will not put on my shoes to go and get an ice cream, especially as it will probably be gone when I get there (I don’t walk quickly). I am really looking forward to our BBQ and Ice Cream truck on Aug. 20th. I look forward to seeing you there.

Answer to the riddle: A Gold Fish

I decided to upgrade my cell phone. I may have to buy a purse to carry it around as I am prone to leaving my appointment book behind and this is another item in my hands.

A member of Syme55+ reported that the summer issue of the newsletter was incomplete. There were 34 pages in that issue. A copy is on our web site Members who do not have access to a computer receive a ‘Syme of the Tymes’ and a copy of the monthly letter to members in the mail.

As was previously announced Syme is planning a silent auction in November. If you have new articles (I have a sleeping bag and car mats) which you would like to donate please phone the office to arrange a time that the item can be dropped off. Further details will be announced as soon as possible.

Your Board has decided to implement a payment processing plan for a 3-month trial. This means that you will be able to pay by debit or credit card at Syme whether you are paying for classes, purchasing a meal or making a donation. The minimum purchase will be $5.00 You can even make payments from the comfort of your home More details will be forthcoming, including our implementation date.

Our food bank continues to distribute food on Wednesdays. Pre registration is a requirement so if you or some one you know is in need, please phone the office. We continue to be in need of shopping bags and egg cartons so if you have any to spare, please let staff know at 416-766-0388.

Speaking of staff, they continue to be in the Centre on Monday and Wednesday only. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday they are working from home. If you are experiencing some difficulty or just need an ear to listen don’t hesitate to call on them. The phones are monitored so if you call and have to leave a message, your call will be returned. Sometime in the future, the city will allow staff to work 5-days a week at Syme. We have no idea when that will happen.

Stay safe, and continue to wear your mask as is recommended.

Just another day!


Donna Tettmar

Board President

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