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October – Women’s History Month



Hello Syme Members.

My gosh, I entered the fall season the same way I celebrated the end of spring – I wore shorts. The poor downstairs cat could not adjust to bare flesh. She would put her paws up on the chair or couch, look at my bare legs, look at me, look away, look back at my bare legs and then leave. She actually wanted to jump up on my lap for a little lay down, not a rub just a comfy place to snooze. I know this for a fact. A couple of times I would cover my legs with a sweater or something, call her and she would jump right up and snuggle down after selecting the right position. The moment I touched her she would jump down. I soon realized that I was only a comfy place to sleep.

Did you know that the federal government has selected this month as Women’s History Month? Although several months have distinctive designations, not all do. As well, provinces acknowledge specific days, months and even weeks for special attention.

Riddle: What word begins and ends with an “e” but can have only one letter?

My mother and I went to Casino Rama in September. We spent the night in the hotel but decided to try the “suite” which happened to be on the secure floor which means you cannot access that floor without your room key which unlocks the elevator on that floor. What a mistake! Although it was called a suite it was identical to the other rooms which we had been in. The hotel was at 50% capacity and only 1 family unit was allowed to use the elevator at a time. Everyone wore masks even the front desk staff who were also behind plexiglass screens.

In the casino most of the slot machines had been removed. Those that remained were in clusters of three or four. In a cluster of three, the middle machine was working and there was a chair to sit on, the other machines were turned off and chair-less. In a cluster of 4, the machines at either end were working and had chairs. At very popular slots there was plexiglass from the floor to four feet above the playing surface and about 3 feet out from the machine. All the machines were active and had chairs. It was really difficult pulling one’s chair in to sit and reach the machine. Masks had to be worn all the time except for when drinking a beverage. There weren’t many people there so we had no trouble playing new games and our old favourites.

Riddle Answer: Envelope

Thank goodness we are back to a semblance of normalcy with some in house programs being offered. The city dictates the activities and participant levels for in-house. I have signed up for 4 exercise classes but my Friday class conflicts with Scrabble. Playing Scrabble on the computer is no fun, I mostly win and it doesn’t talk to me. I decided to alternate between the two. Of course, all plans go out the window when a casino visit is planned.

Many members have told me they are receiving SCAM phone calls, emails or texts regarding international packages requiring more $ in order to pass through customs; also, invalidated Social Insurance Numbers and Health Card Numbers. It’s Christmas time and these threats to your wallet are increasing. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. If in doubt, phone the company directly, do not phone the Scammers number.

Have you phoned to get your bid number for our silent auction? The auction is open to anyone (Syme membership is not required.) Pass it on. We have a variety of items. Bidding starts today and ends on Friday Nov 19th. Winners have plenty of time to pick up their purchases, wrap them and give as presents. The info will be posted on our webpage and updated as needed or if you have no computer, or friend with computer, you may phone Syme for updates. Debit and credit cards are now accepted. Come and join us and have fun while supporting our Centre.

Syme Food Bank continues on Wednesdays from 2-4 PM. Pre-registration is required, call Syme at 416-766-0388 to apply. The city has allowed staff to return to the centre Monday -Friday. If you are dropping something off, please phone to make an appointment as there are restrictions on how many people can be in the facility. If you need information or just want to chat, call 416-766-0388.

Donna Tettmar,

Board President,

Syme55+ Centre