May – Asian Heritage Month – (Canada)

Hello Fellow Syme Members,

I was looking at the first letter I sent last year and realized that it was about the same time. My maple tree has cluster of blooms on it. They will soon be leaves. The other tree has leaves and will soon have flowers which give off a lovely scent. I was in my shorts one day and sat out on my porch. Since then, it has been so cold I have not sat outside nor worn my shorts. Each day I look longingly at my shorts.

What do you get when you cross a fish and an elephant?

I bought a bird bath in March. It sits on a platform about 3 feet above ground. I hope in the hot days of summer the birds will come and visit. So far there has been no activity in or around the thing. I am contenting myself with a daily computer visit to the live webcams on It has been wonderful seeing baby albatross, baby ospreys, owlets, baby white-tailed Tropicbirds, baby Bermuda Petrels and the birds at the feeders located in Ontario and New York state. The Kestrels and Hawks are still nesting. I haven’t seen the baby Condor yet.

This year I did not cat sit as my friend stayed home. The downstairs cat will snuggle onto my lap until I move to reach the computer or pick up my coffee mug at which time, she bolts. I really was hoping she would become more attentive but she has not. I should resign myself to her being too independent.

I have had my first vaccination. I had it at the Toronto Congress Centre. My second jab is in July. It was easy-peasy! (Is that the correct spelling?)

The newspaper is delivered to my door every day. It has an elastic band around it so I have an inexhaustible supply of rubber bands. My hair is so long I can put it in a ponytail. The Saturday paper features local eateries so I decided to try one. It was not impressive. I wanted to see the reviews so went to Toronto Restaurant Reviews on the web. All the reviews raved about it! How could they all be so wrong. I will stick to recommendations from those whom I know. Wally’s Grill, here I come

Answer to the riddle: Swimming Trunks.

We held our Annual General Meeting on Thursday April 29th.  Thanks everyone for joining us, it is always an interesting experience. Lola Kratz, Gary Peltz and Geoffrey Taylor were returned to the board and Sabine Beblo and Joyce Woronchak were elected to join the board for a 2-year term. Regrettably, Sabine later resigned. The Board decided to go to the person with the next highest votes, Ray Strong. More about the AGM will be in our next newsletter which will be published in June.

Sabine realized that she had possibly over extended herself with this new responsibility. She is currently involved with creating a score book of her music from her first CDs. In addition, she is composing music for her 2nd CD which she hopes to record and have available next year and has an agreement with The Ontario Music Teacher’s Association. What an exciting opportunity for her! We will be looking forward to hearing all about Sabine’s progress when we get back into Syme. We hope there will be another recital of her new works.

Staff are still in Syme Centre for 2 days a week for our Food Bank otherwise they continue to work from home, checking phone and e-mail messages daily. If you have any concern or just want to chat, please phone 416-766-0388 or email

We are all in this together.

Stay safe by wearing your mask, washing your hands often and social distancing from those not in your bubble. The time when we will meet again is approaching.


Donna Tettmar,

Board President,

Syme55+ Centre