July 2022

Letter To The Members

Neither the federal or the province of Ontario governments have any special designation for the month of July.

The bird bath has been incredibly busy. I am often refreshing the water twice a day. While I have seen three birds in it at once, there definitely is a hierarchy for its use. Meanwhile the poor downstairs cat continues to be intimidated by the bathing. When she jumps down from her perch, it sounds like an elephant has stomped down. She has taken to getting up on the nearby desk and sitting there so just her eyes are above the window frame.

I have described how the cat does not like bare legs and when I am wearing shorts she will not lay on my lap. My mom and I went to Casino Rama one day leaving at 9:30AM and returned the next evening at 7PM. That night with no encouragement from me, the cat jumped up and snuggled down on my lap and fell asleep. She must not sleep while I am away, perhaps she is busy guarding the house. Normalcy has returned. She likes to be in the same room as I am but if I sit on the couch she is on the chair or vice versa. About the casino? Neither mom or I fared well.

Riddle; What kind of horses come out at night?

Buying “scratchy” games, such as Bingo, Crossword or Twisted Treasures is not something I do for myself but I saw a Scrabble ‘scratchy’ so I thought I would give it a try. There were 4 games on the card and I did not do well. Needless to say, I complained about the silly game and moaned about my missing letters. It is always wise to check them out before throwing them away. My mom double checked mine and observed that I had missed a letter. I thought it was a ‘d’ but it was an ‘o’ so I checked and found that I had missed several ’o’s. What a difference!  I ended up winning $50.00 on that ‘scratchy’. That was the best I did at the casino.

I was invited to a 100th birthday Saturday brunch party at the Old Mill. Years ago, I had been there but only for sandwiches. Now I can hardly wait to return. The food was spectacularly delicious. I made the mistake of starting at the salads station, thereby having to miss the breads/cheeses station as I was too full. I did get to the chocolate fountain with (fruit and) marshmallows and freshly made crepes and the most wonderful home-made whipped cream. The roast beef was fantastic. My mouth is watering at the memory, Again, I can hardly wait to return.

In 2019 we advertised ‘SUPERIOR COLOURS & HERITAGE RAIL TOUR’ by Rail Travel Tours which was scheduled for late September 2020. Due to Covid-19 it was postponed. It was not offered last year but it is now back Sept 28- Oct 2. This 5-day, 4-night trip goes north to Sudbury on VIA Rail’s ‘The Canadian’ then west to White River on a Rail Diesel Car, then returns to Sudbury by train. The return to Toronto is by motor coach and includes lunch in Port McNicholl. If you had

signed up for this trip you should have received your notification already. Some of our members are not able to participate so you could take their place at the same rate. If you are now interested, please let me know no later than August 1st or if after Aug 1st call Daryl at 1-866-704-3528 and mention you are a Syme member.

Answer to the riddle what kind of horses come out at night?  Nightmares.

Have you seen “& Juliet” yet? It is brilliant. I recognized the music, loved the double entendre, bounced around in my seat and laughed and laughed. It was so boisterous and fun that I didn’t nod off.

Accidentally I am only taking part in Euchre on Mondays and Scrabble on Fridays. So far, the weather has been fine and we play Scrabble out on the patio, under the awning. I haven’t signed up yet for any exercise classes. Have you tried out our new ping pong table? We have had some wonderfully instructive Friday lunch sessions via Zoom. Thank you staff for continuing to keep us healthy and informed.

Our Food Bank continues to offer non perishable food items to members of our community. If you require assistance, please contact the office at 416-766-0388. In fact, if you need other help or just need a friendly ear, please call our staff at 416-766-0388. Thank you to all our donors: you are the best!

Donna Tettmar,

Past President,

Syme55+ Centre