Summer Update

Hello Fellow Syme Members,
My goodness, whoever thought we would continue to be in this state of lock down 4 months after it began. It is tough being isolated from friends and relatives.
I had an appointment at St. Josephs during the closure but had finally rescheduled it for mid-June. It was so exciting to be going somewhere other than a grocery store. I took 20 minutes to decide which earrings to wear. It was the first of many hot days so what to wear was no problem, but the earrings…what a dilemma! It reminded me of the joke about people having to decide what to wear to put out the garbage.
I had my hair cut in January prior to visiting my friend in Florida so everyone who saw me on Zoom exercise classes or meetings will know it was getting quite long, in fact it was below my nose. After hair salons had been open for a week I phoned my hairdresser. There was no answer on either the first or second day of phoning. Thinking the worst (maybe she had closed the business) I drove by to see if it was open. She greeted me at the door. I really hustled getting the car parked and getting inside so my hair could be cut before her appointment arrived. No longer am I running my hand through my hair to keep it out of my eyes or off of my neck. What a wonderful feeling.
I am feeling much better about the exercise classes. For quite a while after I started exercising at Syme I found myself huffing and puffing and sweating and breathing hard when I thought the class nearly over only to discover that a mere 15 minutes had passed. I am doing much better now. Now when I check my watch, in a state of near exhaustion, I discover that 30 minutes has passed. Classes are 1 hour.
Your Board continues to meet via Zoom, to look after the affairs of Syme 55+ Centre. Stratford has cancelled the rest of the season so our Spamalot theatre trip is cancelled.
Don’t forget to give Syme a phone call if you have an issue or concern or just want to chat. The number is 416-766-0388
Stay safe and practice hand washing, wearing a mask and social distancing.
Donna Tettmar,
Board of Directors, Syme 55+ Centre

A New Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Syme-Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre to offer you more ways to keep healthy, active and in your homes.

Programs Currently Offered by Syme 55+ Seniors’ Centre

  • Wellness checks by email or phone
  • Daily Facebook posts with links to exercise videos, healthy recipes and more
  • Low impact fitness class each Monday at 9:30am on Facebook Live
  • NEW Zoom fitness classes and Let’s Lunch

Programs Offered by Syme-Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre

  • Take away meals, available daily
  • Food Bank Food Hampers
  • Harm Reduction Supply Kits
  • Housing Support
  • Tax Clinics

Please call us at 416-766-0388 or email us at to register for any of these programs or for more information.

In order to support you during this time, we are asking that you please compete a survey to help us understand your needs. Your participation is voluntary and completely confidential.

Please Click Here to Complete the Survey 

New Programs Are Here

                                   FREE ZOOM PROGRAMING HAS ARRIVED AT SYME
Syme 55+ is excited to offer new ways to keep active, healthy and safe in your homes.

No computer, no problem. You can access these classes through your computer or over your regular phone line, all from the comfort of your own home.
Intimidated by technology, no problem, staff are here to walk you through it.

How to Participate
If you will be connecting using a computer, download the software on your computer at Click on Zoom Client for meetings and follow the instructions.
If you are using a smart phone or tablet, go to the App Store, search Zoom and follow the steps.
If you are using a phone line to connect, call us or email us to register for the programs you want to participate in. Once registered, you will be given the phone number to call and the password to connect.

Important Basics
-Classes will start the week of May 18th and run for 4 weeks, During this period, class are FREE.
-You will need to register with a staff member to be able to participate in the program.
Please call us at 416-766-0388 or email us at

There are no classes on Monday May 18th for Victoria Day

Click here to see class schedule 



Important Update Covid 19


On behalf of all staff, volunteers and Board of Directors we hope you are doing well during these uncertain times. Unfortunately, it is clear that we will not be able to resume programs on April 6th as previously hoped. We will remain closed for as long as necessary to slow this pandemic and keep everyone healthy.

Staff are still available by phone at 416-766-0388 or by email at if you need anything or just want to chat. As this situation continues, we realize that you may need additional supports. We are connected with a number of other organizations in Toronto and can help you connect.

Please do not be afraid or embarrassed to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed, or are in need of food or other essential supplies. We are all still in this together.

Take Care,

The Syme 55+ Team

News and Announcement

Spring Class Schedule: Classes have been postponed until further notice!

2020 Membership Renewal – $25.00

Please note as of January 1st, 2020 all Special Event Lunches have increased by $2.00.

The Centre is closed.
All programming was postponed.


The Board of Directors

The Syme 55+ Centre is governed by a 10 person volunteer Board of Directors. Each director is elected for a 2 year term to maintain continuity on the board. Each year we elect/reelect up to 5 new directors. Each Director may serve 2 terms of 2 years duration on the board and must stand for reelection every 2 years. Directors on the executive have the option to serve a third term of 2 years.

During the Covid19 Pandemic we had to postpone our AGM and so no new directors were elected. The current Board is in place since the Annual General Meeting held in 2019 April.

Thank You to Our Funders