Our Policies

The Centre has anti-racism, anti-harassment and workplace Health & Safety policies (on display in the GP Room). The City of Toronto Code of Conduct is posted on the doors. Members are bound by these policies.

The Centre reserves the right to accept or decline a member and to remove the privileges of any member judged to be incapable of meeting the requirements of participating in activities. The Centre will not tolerate abusive behaviour of a member to other participants, staff, or third parties, or behaviour which detracts from the enjoyment of the Centre by other members.

All Syme55+ Centre events/activities require physical independence and mobility. A member must be able to participate in events alone or with minimal assistance from a companion who is responsible for the member’s welfare. Any physical or mental condition requiring special medical attention must be reported.


Volunteers are the “key” to our success. The Centre has many committees that oversee and set policies for all of the Centre’s services. The effort of the volunteers keeps the Centre providing services at a reasonable cost to the members. Volunteers can select from a series of jobs and can commit to as much time as they would like.
Volunteer for something you like doing or try something you have never done before. You will have fun!

Volunteers are always welcome on our committees: programing, travel and office standards/IT to name some.
PLEASE VOLUNTEER! (sign up at Reception).



Kelly Montgomerie
  –  Executive Director

Cleriese Lewis         –  
Program Manager

Julie Tye                  – Snowlink Coordinator


Advisory Committee

Frances Nunziata, Councillor,Ward 5,York South - Weston
Tel: 416-392-4091, 416 338 0220
Office: 2221 Keele Street, Unit 102
North York, On, M6M 3Z5 M-F 9am to 4pm; 
Email: Councillor_nunziata@toronto.ca 




Faisal Hassan, MPP for York South – Weston

1965 Weston Road
Tel: 416 243 7984




Ahmed Hussen, MP for York South – Weston

48B Rosemount Avenue,York, ON,M9N 3B3

Tel: 416 656 2526
Email: AhmedHussen@parl.gc.ca


Volunteer Board of Directors 2019-2020


Donna Tettmar – President
Gary Peltz – Vice President
Lola Kratz – Secretary
Susan Horvath – Treasurer


Stella Hesketh
Richard Kratz
Robert Murakakami
John Reynolds
Geoffrey Taylor
Anne Woods

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Syme 55+ Centre

33 Pritchard Ave
Toronto, ON    M6N 1T4
FAX 416-766-2882
Non-profit organization
Reg. #124377292 RR0001
Incorporated 12/27/85

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