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Letter To The Members


July –Canada Day – (Canada)

Hello Fellow Syme Members,

Oh, joyful days! A small spark of normalcy has happened. My niece held a surprise birthday party for her father (one of my brothers) in her backyard early this month. It was a celebration for all of us as we hadn’t seen each other for over a year and a half. It didn’t matter that one of my brothers-in-law had shoulder length hair, or that my mother hadn’t had ‘a perm’ since last fall. We were all together, except for a sister and brother-in-law who were unable to attend. I met 2 great nephews for the first time. It didn’t dampen our spirits that midway through our visit the sky opened up and we were suddenly drenched by rain. We went indoors and continued our merriment.

Riddle: What has armor but is not a knight, snaps but is not a twig, and is always at home even on the move?

It has been such fun watching the birds in the bird bath. Even more entertaining is the reaction of the downstairs cat. In the past I have mentioned that there is a seven-foot cat tree up against the window in my living room. She lives on the platform at the six-foot level. Usually when she comes down it is a very leisurely descent with no exertion required. Let a bird decide to bathe and she is terrified and jumps down to the floor. There she sits, staring longingly at the window sill. The thump as she hits the floor is my cue to check out the view of the bird bath at which point, she will jump up to the window again as I have obviously made it safe for her.

I received a reminder the other day about our upcoming rail tour which was cancelled last year but is on for this October.  Following is a quote from the brochure, “This always popular 5-day, 4-night fall colours tour starts from Toronto to Sudbury, Ontario on VIA Rail’s dome car train The Canadian for some great fall foliage viewing through the Muskoka region. This package also features all daylight travel with hotel stays (4 in total) each night, 2 full travel days on VIA Rail’s Sudbury to White Riverremote rail service or Rail Diesel Car (like a large bus on the rails and the last of its kind in Ontario!) to see some pristine parts of the Canadian Shield in the fall.” If you signed up or are interested, please leave a message for me at Syme and I will get back to you.

Last weekend my birthday brother and I visited my sister and brother-in-law at their home in Washago. I had missed seeing them in the 2 unlocked down periods last year (summer and early fall). We celebrated Christmas in July with lights and presents.

It has been wonderful to see family and friends again. I hope you have managed to get together with your family and friends.

Riddle Answer: A turtle

While more places are reopening, we must wait a while longer. At present there are limitations based on social distancing and sanitation concerns for example, cards and bingo. We hope to be back by the fall but it may be our winter session. We just do not know.

Our summer classes have started on Zoom. I really enjoy doing my exercise classes in the comfort of my air-conditioned house especially when it is hot and humid outside. Join us on our Syme Challenge in September.

If you have any questions or concerns, please phone Syme and leave a message. Staff are available by phone Monday to Friday and are at the Centre Monday and Wednesday for the food bank.



Donna Tettmar

Board President,

Syme55+ Centre




Join Us

Syme 55+ Seniors Centre will be hosting a Walking Event. Please see flyer and tab on website for more information.







Summer 2021 Zoom Class Schedule
These classes will run from July 12th – September 17th, 2021
Please be aware there is a $30.00 charge per class for the Summer Session And a change to some of the class times




Pilates with Diane @ 10:00 am

Fit & Fun with Katrina @ 11:10 am


Cardio Boost with Halyna @ 10:00 am

Co-Ed Fitness with Sylvia @ 11:10 am


Osteo Keep Fit with Julie @ 11:00 am


Flex N Stretch with Gabriela @ 10:00 am

Co-Ed Fitness with Luba @ 11:10 am


Yoga with Sandra @ 10:00 am

Sit & Fit with Connie @ 11:10 am






News and Announcement

Summer in-person classes will not take place due to Covid-19.

All programming will be held over Zoom


The Board of Directors


The Syme 55+ Centre is governed by a 10 person volunteer Board of Directors. Each director is elected for a 2 year term to maintain continuity on the board. Each year we elect/reelect up to 5 new directors. Each Director may serve 2 terms of 2 years duration on the board and must stand for reelection every 2 years. Directors on the executive have the option to serve a third term of 2 years.


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