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A New Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Syme-Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre to offer you more ways to keep healthy, active and in your homes.

Programs Currently Offered by Syme 55+ Seniors’ Centre

  • Wellness checks by email or phone
  • Daily Facebook posts with links to exercise videos, healthy recipes and more
  • Low impact fitness class each Monday at 9:30am on Facebook Live
  • NEW Zoom fitness classes and Let’s Lunch

Programs Offered by Syme-Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre

  • Take away meals, available daily
  • Food Bank Food Hampers
  • Harm Reduction Supply Kits
  • Housing Support
  • Tax Clinics

Please call us at 416-766-0388 or email us at to register for any of these programs or for more information.

In order to support you during this time, we are asking that you please compete a survey to help us understand your needs. Your participation is voluntary and completely confidential.

Please Click Here to Complete the Survey 

New Programs Are Here

                                   FREE ZOOM PROGRAMING HAS ARRIVED AT SYME
Syme 55+ is excited to offer new ways to keep active, healthy and safe in your homes.

No computer, no problem. You can access these classes through your computer or over your regular phone line, all from the comfort of your own home.
Intimidated by technology, no problem, staff are here to walk you through it.

How to Participate
If you will be connecting using a computer, download the software on your computer at Click on Zoom Client for meetings and follow the instructions.
If you are using a smart phone or tablet, go to the App Store, search Zoom and follow the steps.
If you are using a phone line to connect, call us or email us to register for the programs you want to participate in. Once registered, you will be given the phone number to call and the password to connect.

Important Basics
-Classes will start the week of May 18th and run for 4 weeks, During this period, class are FREE.
-You will need to register with a staff member to be able to participate in the program.
Please call us at 416-766-0388 or email us at

There are no classes on Monday May 18th for Victoria Day

Click here to see class schedule 



Message From The President – May 2020

Hello Syme Members,
I hope you are all healthy and keeping well and interested.
I am having some trouble with the latter. The other day I tried to phone someone and after dialing the number, I discovered there was no dial tone. It took a while but suddenly I realized that, when I thought I was activating the call, I was actually deleting the number. Oh dear!
Thank goodness for computers, as I have read all my newer books. Now it is time to go to my library which only has stuff that was published in the 60s and 70s. I was bemoaning this to a friend who said that she was rummaging around in her closet and, lo and behold, she found a jigsaw puzzle. Now I have never done a jigsaw puzzle but I am up for a new experience. I was doing some food shopping at Giant Tiger and I picked up a puzzle. I figured that the 1500 piece would be too difficult and the 300 piece not challenging enough so I bought the 500 piece. I still am cat- sitting my friend’s cat and the downstairs cat has the run of the house. I spent all day getting the border down on the jigsaw puzzle, frequently thinking the picture on the box did not resemble this border I was completing, and then I realized that it was upside down. Anyway, the cats like to move things around so not wanting to lose any pieces I covered my handiwork with a towel. When I went to remove the covering many of the 500 pieces were stuck to the towel. So back to reading old books.
For those of you who have access to a computer there is a free jigsaw page at www. Naturally I tried. There were 50, 100, 150 and 200 piece puzzles. Of course, based on my experience and knowledge I tried the 100 piece. After 4 hours I had the border completed and was starting on the inside. I accidentally hit a button and the whole thing disappeared, never to be found. But I am not a quitter so I tried the 50 piece. It only took 30 minutes to complete. I felt quite satisfied.
Have you ever watched grass grow? I have not but I have watched the leaves on the maple tree outside my living room window take shape. When this situation began I believe they were only small specks on the end of the twig or branch. Then they became buds, after a while they started to become larger and now they are a cluster of greenery, soon they will be leaves.
Your Board of Directors is becoming more proficient attending meetings via Zoom, but we are not experts yet. We appear to still be a fairly clean cut bunch. We are extremely pleased to have Kelly, Cleriese and Julie still with us. Thank you Prime Minister and government. Staff has reached out to some of our instructors and will be offering limited exercise sessions via Zoom; meanwhile Julie is conducting an exercise class on Facebook which can be seen through our webpage or Facebook. I was able to view it and in fact tried the exercises. If I can find it, so can you.
Don’t forget to call Syme, 416-766-0388, if you need to hear a friendly voice or have a concern.
No one knows how long this will go on but we will meet again at our Syme55+ Centre.
Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy.
Donna Tettmar, President, Board of Directors, Syme55+ Centre

Important Update Covid 19


On behalf of all staff, volunteers and Board of Directors we hope you are doing well during these uncertain times. Unfortunately, it is clear that we will not be able to resume programs on April 6th as previously hoped. We will remain closed for as long as necessary to slow this pandemic and keep everyone healthy.

Staff are still available by phone at 416-766-0388 or by email at if you need anything or just want to chat. As this situation continues, we realize that you may need additional supports. We are connected with a number of other organizations in Toronto and can help you connect.

Please do not be afraid or embarrassed to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed, or are in need of food or other essential supplies. We are all still in this together.

Take Care,

The Syme 55+ Team

News and Announcement

Spring Class Schedule: Classes have been postponed until further notice!

2020 Membership Renewal – $25.00

Please note as of January 1st, 2020 all Special Event Lunches have increased by $2.00.

The Centre is closed. 
All programming was potponed.


The Board of Directors

The Syme 55+ Centre is governed by a 10 person volunteer Board of Directors. Each director is elected for a 2 year term to maintain continuity on the board. Each year we elect/reelect up to 5 new directors. Each Director may serve 2 terms of 2 years duration on the board and must stand for reelection every 2 years. Directors on the executive have the option to serve a third term of 2 years.

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